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Mkar Journal of Inter-Disciplinary Studies (MJIDS)
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Mkar Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (MJIDS)

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Policy Thrust

The Mkar Journal of Inter-disciplinary Studies is a peer reviewed bi-annual journal (May and November editions) designed to provide outlet for scholars, academics and the general public to publish reputable articles in a variety of fields of human endeavour. Articles acceptable may include: reports of research findings, book review and abstract of research reports.
The focus of the Journal is on articles based on empirical data and articles should be research-based, quantitative or qualitative data, derived from laboratory studies of fieldwork. However, articles that do not meet this benchmark but provide rare insight into human condition may be published.
The University of Mkar is Christian Missionary University and the Mkar Journal of Inter-disciplinary Studies especially values contributions from Nongo Kristu u i Seu Sha Tar (NKST) and other missionaries who are field-works and professional in health education and social development. These contributions must stratify the standard of the Journal.
Articles intended for publication should comply with the requirements listed on "Notes to Contributors" and forwarded to the Managing Editor, Editorial Board, Mkar Journal of Inter-disciplinary Studies (MJIDS), University of Mkar, Mkar P.M.B 017 Gboko, Benue State. Email:,

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