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May 2014

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Mkar Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (MJIDS)

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Note to Contributors

The Editorial Board of the MJIDS welcomes scholarly articles based on well researched quantitative or qualitative data derived from laboratory experiments or field work on any aspect of human endeavour.
Contributors should note the following guidelines empirical in preparing their papers. Failure to submit articles under the stipulated guidelines may lead to delay or rejection of the article.
  1. Articles must be based on well-researched empirical study, except in exceptional cases of unusual insights into the human condition.
  2. Articles must be written in clear and coherent English.
  3. An abstract of not more than 150 words should be submitted on a separate page along with the article.
  4. Authors names and addresses should be submitted on a separate page along with the article.
  5. References and citations should conform to the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition format.
  6. Articles should not exceed 12 pages of A4 size typed paper on font size 12 and Times New Roman font. One inch margin on the sides and one and half for top and bottom must be maintained.
  7. All articles must be accompanied by a non-refundable vetting fee of Five Thousand Naira (?5,000.00) or its equivalent in other currencies, made payable to Bulaun Doofan Skye bank Gboko, Account Number 1764160099.
  8. All articles are to be e-miled to and a copy to or as an attachment file
  9. All final corrected copy of an article must be submitted by e-mail as attachment file and the sum of Fifteen Thousand Naira only (?15,000.00) paid to account Number 1764160099 Sky bank Gboko and garanti marked MJIDS acceptance fee
  10. Acceptance letter shall be issued to authors if their article(s) are accepted for publication and upon payment of stipulated fees.

All correspondence and contributions should be addressed to:

The Managing Editor, Editorial Board

Mkar Journal of Inter-disciplinary Studies (MJIDS)

University of Mkar, Mkar

P.M.B. 017 Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria

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